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Creation is a large painting of the view through trees to a Sussex summer meadow with flowers and swallows. The style is art nouveau and contemporary and the colours are extremely bright and vibrant. The impression the painting gives is of a voyeuristic glimpse of a late summer meadow with an abundance of wild flowers in the foreground and the hint of wheat and grasses in the meadow behind. Two swallows swoop down from the left throwing transparent veils over the scene in a slightly spiral pattern as if they are creating the landscape or revealing it. In the far distance you can see a river on the horizon and an exit into the next field beyond.

This painting was very much inspired by the river Rother near Burwash in Sussex in summer 2020 where I thrashed my way through tall grasses and flowers to watch the swallows gathering in the air around me ready to leave for Africa. It is always a slightly melancholy time as it means end of summer so I felt the urge to pay tribute to a lovely English landscape (yes despite a pandemic) and am satisfied I have caught a little of the energy and beauty that birds, flowers and nature bring to this world. If you want to find this place, go to the Bear Inn in Burwash and head north towards Stonegate… Have fun 😊.