I enjoyed ‘taking snaps’ long before the time when everyone carries a camera with them incorporated into their mobile phone. On moving to Felixstowe in 2013 the shore environment inspired me to get a ‘proper camera’ so I bought my first DSLR and began to learn the techniques and principles of image creation through a lens. I joined the Felixstowe Photographic Society and have continued to learn from fellow members with decades of experience between them.

I enjoy early morning walking or cycling, this combines well with the ever-present camera to capture many images of the ‘golden hour’ as the sun rises from the sea casting its warm light onto the shoreline. Another advantage of coastal life is the ever-changing sky with a rich variety of cloud formations.

During the pandemic of 2020 travel was restricted, especially international, so my photographic endeavours were concentrated on Felixstowe and the surrounding parts of East Anglia, particularly Suffolk. During the first lockdown in March-May 2020, I took more photos than any other six-week period, before or since.

Please enjoy my Felixstowe-themed ‘postcards’ posted here on The Online Print Gallery and watch out for an occasional appearance in the BBC weather reports as ‘Beachcomber’!