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I grew up next to an abandoned railway cutting, chasing spooks through its undergrowth on twilit autumn nights (perhaps that is why my first storybook tale is about a spooked woods and a valiant team-up who must brave them).

In my youth I searched for secret passages in the ruins of castles and for elves in the nooks of old trees and mossy mounds (perhaps that is why I still look for them, out of the corner of my eye ..)

I spent much of my following years crafting worlds in an attic to the sound of wind in the eaves, the wilds of a forest a stray footstep away (perhaps that is why I am inspired by the seasons so).

My craft is to imagine worlds to discover through ongoing solo-buddy adventures, stories, field guides and a series of uplifting artworks you can look forward to; artworks to inspire goodwill in the face of adversity.

*Such as the World of The Oldewoods*

An illustrated series of hearthside adventures, in a time when wild Foes are returning and ways must be found to face them.

Theyíre close-to-home tales of fellowship, trials and victories in the shadow of greater events - if life is like being blown about like a leaf on the wind, sometimes you can win through for your self, for your friends and for the things that matter.

The hidden valleys of the Oldewoods was inspired by a sketch of a valiant rider on a diminutive dragon. The tales may be about fellows such as you and I making a life in our corners of the world but the world grew from that ordinary premise to become a magnificent, unique place to explore and discover, the hallmarks of Woodchi woven through its mountains and clouds: itís a little bit different, it celebrates the wilds and life and it invites exploration.

It has dragons and giants, so how is it differing?
Well, letís note that anything *too* different becomes incomprehensible, so Woodchi doesnít stray that far, just far enough to feel the fresh rain on your cheeks. So those dragons and giants might not be what you expect.

*Instances of Differing:*

There are no humans in the Oldewoods, though fellows are often humanoid and have familiar emotions and character. There arenít any in the other three worlds Iíve created either.

Fellows, Foes and laFae (elfs) have a cosmic origin that define them but these may differ from one to the next. Some were born of seeds in the earth, others from cloud and others still from starstuff.

Even the shadows dream, each thing, no matter the basic Element (mountain, cloud, leaf, spook ..). There is sentiency in all things. Even the Void.
And all these things, though imaginative, are grounded in a cosmos, a codified mythology.

And all these things have characteristics and traits you might not expect.

And thus all of these things may well appear a little differently than you might be familiar with.

Woodchi doesnít claim unique or original... just differing.

Perhaps you came from here:


Or maybe youíd like to explore them next. I hope you enjoy the worlds of Woodchi. Perhaps Iíll see you there...