I am an East Anglian based photographer specialising in landscape and seascape photography, I have had an interest in photography and the arts in general from a young age, I learnt the basics of digital and film photography while studying for a diploma in art at college, many hours were spent in the darkroom processing images and watching them come alive on the photographic paper.

It wasn’t until two years ago when I was travelling through Europe and my phone camera stopped working and I really wanted to capture photos for memories for the future, I decided to go to a local camera shop in Andorra where I purchased a Sony mirrorless interchangeable lens camera and I was instantly hooked experimenting with the different settings to produce a creative outcome.

I have since then changed camera brands and now shoot with my mirrorless Fuji XT1, I am now a total Fuji convert since using one of their cameras, I love how it replicates an old film camera all the buttons and dials you need are to hand no digging through complicated menus and sub-menus its also nice and light which is ideal as I spend a lot of time trekking around East Anglia exploring new locations to shoot.

You may notice with my images that I tend to favour simple compositions with an obvious subject although there are of course exceptions to this, most of my favourite images I have taken to date are simple minimalist shots.